An estimation of over 15,000 injuries related to holiday or Christmas decorating occurs every month of December, translating to 250 injuries per day of the same month.? 

 When it comes to the holiday season, it is an undying belief to decorate the home and make it more accepting of guests. This is a good reason to check your house for damage and call roof repair Bowling Green KY in case of roof damage. How can you hang holiday lights without you damaging your roof or yourself? 

Do not climb on your roof 

 Getting on the roof is a very dangerous idea just because you want to decorate your roof with lights. Things can go wrong and accidents can happen. Although unsafe, you can use a stern ladder that extends from the ground to the roof. Also, take note that you need someone with you when you do so to hold the ladder and make it steady.? 

 Double-check your extension cords, wires, and bulbs 

When hanging lights, make sure that you already have untangled the lights beforehand to save you time during the hanging process and you have a safe and durable extension cord. Look for any damage and cracks as this might lead to fire accidents especially that snow can melt during winter. If you also opt to hang lights on trees, make sure that they are securely hanged to protect them in case strong winds appear.? 

 Utilize light clips 

 Light clips, as well as hangers and hooks, are plastic and cheap but they can be of use when you are decorating for holidays. These tools can make your lights tightly secured in places that they need to get attached to.? 

 Avoid using tacks, nails, or screws? 

 All these materials can pose safety and fire hazards. Moreover, they can put stress on your roofing material and can further tear or rip your shingles apart. Tacks, for example, leave holes on the surface that may be a good hiding place for insects, thereby damaging your roof and insulation. If left undetected, you might need a roof replacement if the damage has gone deep and large.? 

 Avoid doing it yourself 

If you are not certain about doing the whole process in a completely safe procedure, then you might need to skip decorating on your own and ask for help from someone who is more experienced in dealing with lights, electricity, and heights. Moreover, for a safer decorating process, ensure that your tools and equipment are durable and not prone to fire hazards.? 

 Start decorating weeks before the holiday 

Decorating may take days and repairing noticed damages can stall the process. This is why we recommend you start decorating weeks before the holiday. You can also foresee problems when you start installing the lights and see potential hazards early.? 

Enjoy the holiday! 

If you are into celebrating the holiday, then you must know that regardless of the decors and the lights, you can always enjoy the holiday with your loved ones! So, be safe and have fun!