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Alfredo and Marisol

We grew up listening to tango music and knew many tango lyrics by heart before we understood what tango was all about. However, it wasn't until we started dancing that we were fully captured by it.

Our passion for tango has led us to explore different tango styles and to seek opportunities for training with a variety of tango teachers. In Buenos Aires we studied with many well known and respected Argentinean tango masters.

Our approach to teaching is grounded on the traditional Argentinean teaching method that emphasizes the tango fundamentals, such as posture, embrace, walking, musicality, floor navigation, and connectivity.

We think that what sets us apart is that we love teaching and we have many years of experience dancing. We love tango music and are inspired by the talented dancers who come to teach at our club from time to time.

Our students love the fact that our teaching technique is different and that we care so much about helping each one of them to be the best dancers they can be.

Marisol is the resident DJ at Bailarin Tango Club. She has a tremendous repertoire of tango music and great knowledge of the different tango orchestras. We also welcome guests DJs from time to time.

Learning tango is a life long process of discovery. The more you learn, the more your dancing horizon expands. That is why we continue our tango training by visiting Buenos Aires regularly to study with tango masters and to immerse ourselves in the tango culture.

For the love of Tango!


Private lessons by appointment.


Telephone: 01753840026

Mob: 07910344616

Monthly milongas in Windsor.


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