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Although there are no written codes for dancing at the milongas, we suggest that in order to make an enjoyable evening of dancing you follow these simple rules of the Argentinean social tango.

The line of dance is counter-clockwise.  Usually the most advanced dancers use the outside perimeter and others use the inner lines.

Keep MOVING and dancing.  If you want to talk to your dance partner, please step out of the dance floor.  You cannot stop the flow of traffic for more than a few seconds; otherwise the lead behind you may be forced to overtake you, switch lanes and risk hurting someone else.

You can dance as fast or as slow as you wish and take as big steps as you want, but we all need to move around the dance floor at relatively the same pace.

If you like to do figures or fancy steps, please go to the centre.  You should at all cost avoid doing stationary figures on a crowded floor.  After all we do not just dance with our partner, we have to keep in mind the entire group on the dance floor.

Do not pass on the right of dancers unless you can do so without bumping into them. In close embrace, the right side is the "blind spot" of the leader.

It's the role of the leader to protect his partner, so the leader must look ahead and allow enough distance from the couple in front.

Make a very small back steps or better yet, do not step back and simply start in a side step, unless there is clearance to do step back.

Do ganchos and high boleos only when you can do so without hurting/kicking your fellow dancers. These figures are better done in the corners of the dance floor. If the leader leads a boleo in a crowded floor, the follower can do a low boleo.  Liftings or high kicks are absolutely out of the question at a milonga.

Try to keep your feet to the ground at all times, otherwise you may step on somebody and hurt a fellow dancer.

Following these simple rules, you and your fellow dancers will be able to relax and enjoy the dance!